Joan Ardavanis, FNP

Alternative Medicine & Pain Management located in Scottsdale, AZ

About Ms. Ardavanis

Joan Ardavanis, FNP, specializes in Alternative Medicine, Pain Management, and the treatment of Depression and anxiety with Ketamine Infusion Therapies at Vibrant Health Care. Joan is a fun-loving, life-living Nurse Practitioner who practices what she preaches. Whether it’s golfing, hiking, surfing, or some other activity, you will always see her bright smile lighting the way!

She is an expert at helping people get out of pain and into the flow of a joy-filled life. Her compassionate, gentle yet tough-love approach gives every patient a one-in-a-million experience. She is a mom, a grandma, and even a homeschooling veteran. Life is an adventure for Joan, and she can’t wait to help you get back to the life you want to live. Take a Mulligan, Joan will show you how!

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