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Women worldwide are increasingly demanding nonsurgical treatments. However, there are a limited number of safe and effective technologies specifically designed for women’s intimate health. At Vibrant Health Care, trained medical professionals provide clinically proven, innovative, nonsurgical treatments to improve women’s intimate health using Viveve technology. 

Urinary Incontinence & Bladder Control Q & A

Viveve Q&A

How Viveve Works?

Viveve utilizes cryogen-cooled monopolar radio-frequency (CMRF) technology to generate heat at precise temperatures and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. This process is regulated to deliver results by tightening the vagina barrel, increase bladder control, and achieve more youthful vaginal tissue through a pain-free, single treatment.

What Symptoms Does Viveve Address?

Viveve can be an effective solution for:

  • Loss of vaginal tightness
  • Decrease in vaginal elasticity
  • Loss of lubrication
  • Urine leakage, especially when coughing, sneezing, or laughing
  • Discomfort or pain during sex
  • General dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse

Vaginal Laxity
Vaginal laxity occurs when vaginal tissues stretch as a result of childbirth or aging. Research indicates that about 76 percent of women will experience this problem at some point. Symptoms of laxity include diminished sensitivity and reduced tightness of the vaginal walls.

Urinary Incontinence
Urinary Incontinence can occur following pregnancy, after menopause, after treatment for cancer, or other genetic related factors. When your body’s natural collagen production cycle is disrupted, vaginal atrophy can take hold. There are various forms of incontinence, which can include: Stress Incontinence, Urge Incontinence, Overflow Incontinence, and an Overactive Bladder.

Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal Dryness, or Dyspareunia, is the absence of natural lubrication in the vaginal wall. It is often caused by a deficiency of new collagen growth, which is needed to stimulate adequate moisture in the mucosal lining of the vagina. Vaginal Dryness can cause pain, itching, or burning sensations for women of all ages

Why would I consider Viveve?

If you are experiencing the following, you may want to talk to a healthcare professional about Viveve:

  • Do tampons feel like they are slipping out?
  • Does your vagina feel loose during intimacy?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in physical sensation during intimacy?
  • Is the fit with your partner not as snug as in the past?
  • Do you sometimes feel air flowing from your vagina?

What is vaginal laxity?
  • Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. Over time or with trauma the collagen can lose its strength and shape, creating a feeling of looseness (laxity), especially around the vaginal opening.
  • Common causes of vaginal laxity include childbirth, other physical stress on the tissue, aging, genetic predisposition and lifestyle.

If you experience vaginal laxity, you may also notice a decreased feeling of sensation and satisfaction during intercourse.

How common is vaginal laxity?
  • Vaginal laxity is an extremely common medical condition. A Viveve-sponsored survey of U.S. OB/GYN physicians revealed that vaginal laxity is the number one physical change that they see or their patients report following vaginal delivery; more common than weight gain, incontinence, or stretch marks.
  • In a survey of more than four hundred women in the U.S. who had vaginal deliveries, nearly half reported some level of concern with vaginal laxity.

What is the Viveve treatment like?
  • Viveve is a comfortable, 30-minute treatment that does not require local or topical anesthesia or analgesics.
  • Viveve is performed by a trained healthcare professional in an outpatient setting. Viveve uses gentle, deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process, which revitalizes and tightens tissue just inside the vaginal opening. Because the surface of the vaginal walls is not injured, patients typically return to normal activities immediately.


What are the benefits of the Viveve treatment?
  • Viveve has conducted multiple clinical studies on the Viveve treatment. Two clinical studies showed statistically significant improvement in vaginal tightening, to pre-childbirth levels, at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months following a single, comfortable office-based treatment. At 12 months, improved and sustained tightening was shown in 90% of the women. Significant improvement in sexual satisfaction was also indicated through a 12-month follow-up.
  • A third large, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study showed that women who received the Viveve treatment were 3 times more likely to report achieving “no vaginal laxity” at 6 months than women who did not receive the treatment, with no additional safety risks.

Is the Viveve treatment safe?
  • Yes, It is safe and effective!

How many treatments are needed? Is there any downtime? What are the results?

Most patients achieve their desired results with a single Viveve treatment that lasts around 45 minutes. There is zero downtime and most patients are able to resume their regular activity immediately following their procedure. This procedure produces outstanding results including a more youthful vaginal wall and increased support for the urethra and surrounding tissues. Viveve will deliver results that empower you to enjoy life. Call Vibrant Health Care at 480-874-5806 to book your free consultation.