What are Exosomes?

What are Exosomes?

Increasing numbersof patients are familiar with stem cells, but exosomes are a new consideration. What are they? Exosomes are the microscopic “bags” of chemicals made by stem cells. Exosomes are the way that stem cells deliver all those beneficial chemicals. Stem cells vary in size depending on their activity and how they are measured, but are roughly 30 micrometers (microns) in diameter. Exosomes are roughly 30 nanometers in diameter,
about 1/1000 th the diameter of a stem cell. Stem cells move about and, because stem cells are attracted to the chemicals released by injured tissue, stem cells go to the sites on greatest injury. Because of their much smaller size, exosomes have an advantage in spreading through tissues and crossing the “blood-brain barrier.”

How Long does it Take Exosomes to Work?
Because of the huge variety of chemicals within exosomes, there is a matching variety of processes “kick-started” by those different chemicals. Some process are rapid in onset and some take even months to peak. For example, the anti-inflammatory chemicals work immediately. Other chemicals ramp-up production of new cells and tissues, taking months for peak benefit.

What are all Those Chemicals in Exosomes?
It is worth considering the immense variety of metabolic processes and pathways affected by these important chemicals:

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